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"There is no shortage of men brave or foolhardy enough to do the Brotherhood's bidding, but one name stands proud of all others..."

A prequel to Afterlife: Rickard's Quest, Afterlife 3: Legends Of Rickard Bronson is an arcade roguelike platform-adventure game based on an improved version of the same engine, telling the early tales of Rickard Bronson's exploits in the Thirteen Realms of Hell.

In true roguelike fashion, try your best to survive long enough to earn a high score while fighting through brutally difficult procedurally generated missions, powering up your abilities, collecting arcane weapons and treasure, and struggling to unlock the advances, secrets and new equipment along the way which might just let you get a little further with each attempt...

Afterlife 3: Legends Of Rickard Bronson took form at the very end of 2009. It was finished and released more than two years later in September of 2012, and has been updated frequently since thanks to lots of great feedback and suggestions from players (thanks guys!)

The game features randomly generated missions and quests to provide a different challenge with each play, a huge number of secrets and hidden achievements, unlockable minigames, and full online scoreboards.

For those curious, a full detailed changelog of the game's updates is available here, and forums can be found here to discuss the game or seek help, hints and tips.

Release date Sep 10, 2012
AuthorRjB Software
TagsArcade, Procedural Generation, Retro, Roguelike
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Afterlife3_Installer.exe (v1.12.2) 119 MB

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